University Show Reel

Temporary version
The video shows a quick small selection of some of the projects I’ve done, either individually or as part of a group. If you’d like to see and know more about some of these projects, please click on the links below. In many cases, downloadable versions are available as well.

  • 3 Games Engine - Individual project - C++ version, C# version
  • Pong Turismo - Individual project - C++ version, C# version
  • Asteroids Orbital - Individual project - C++ version, C# version
  • Elastic Free Form Deformation - Working with a partner - C++, more here
  • Collada Model Viewer - Group project - C#
  • Timer Run - Individual project - C#, more here
  • Animation Engine - Group project - C#, more here
  • Boat Fighters (Port) - Individual project (port of someone else’s game) - C++, more here
  • Chalkboard Football - Individual project - C++, more here
  • Group 3D Games - Group project - C++
  • Extra acknowledgements: ‘Velocity Raptor’ & PixelBashers logos by Kester Sheridan, all 3D models public domain. More detailed credits are on each project’s page.

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