3 Games in 1 (C++)

Downloadable to follow


This is a port of my original XNA package but with Timer Run replaced with a version of another game, Boat Fighters.

I recreated my two games, Pong Turismo & Asteroids Orbital, but now written in C++. The games and front-end menu have some minor changes, mainly as a result of tweaking. The third game is a port of someone else’s XNA game, Boat Fighters. The game is for two players, with each one driving a boat and trying to shoot the other. My approach to re-making it was to use my own game engine and particle system to recreate the original visuals. Since this also used my own physics engine, this allowed for the addition of collisions to the game, which hadn’t been in the original.
For the overall package, sound effects & music has not been implemented yet.

Extra acknowledgements: ‘Boat Fighters’ design and game originally by Fabio Franconeri.

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